Training / Personal training

WORK team has the training and necessary tools to provide training services that fit the needs of your company.

Our training programs are focused on developing specific skills of employees and achieving client`s goals.

We use case studies sessions, workshops, projects (30% theoretical part / 70% practical part) and we can develop programs for a prolonged period.

for the company:

  • Motivated employees that add value to the company;
  • Development of professional staff prepared for today’s business environment;
  • Differentiation of competing companies due to valuable employees;
  • Customizing solutions to meet customer needs;
  • Leadership development;
  • Increasing Sales Performance.

for the employee:

  • Training and development of skills and competencies of each profession;
  • Practical knowledge for increased performance;
  • Adapting the information to the education and training of each student;
  • Practical knowledge development for measurable and sustainable performance;
  • Adaptation to the continuing challenges of the labour market.