Recruitment and Selection

The employer’s

  • Identifying potential candidates;
  • Preliminary selection of candidates;
  • Testing of personal and professional skills;
  • Selection of CV;
  • Employment risk with inappropriate staff.

Benefits of working with

1. Increased competencies in identifying successful candidates;

2. Consultants specialized in:

  • Sales / Marketing;
  • IT and Software;
  • Banking and Finance;
  • International detachment of employees;
  • Administrative / HR;
  • International detachment of employees;
  • Employee Leasing;

3. Cost and time saving in the recruitment process;

4. Using several research tools: headhunting, web-hunting, our own database, access to an extensive database of candidates, specialized websites, career fairs, educational institutions;

5. Guarantee period for any recruited position: recruiting another candidate without additional costs and under the same initial terms, in case the client shall decide that the candidate selected does not meet its requirements within the guarantee period established.


WORK has a team of passionate professionals, involved in giving you the solutions you are looking for.

Our recruitment process is professional and flexible for the customer, and the candidates who were not recruited always receive a feedback from our team.

The services of Recruitment and Selection is offered for both determined and undetermined period, in all activity fields, for all types of certifications and levels of experience (entry level, expert, middle management or top management).