Professional counselling / Outplacement

Professional counselling

WORK offers programs of Professional counselling / Outplacement to all companies facing individual or collective cases of restructuring.

Such program aims to optimize staff resources to identify and to capitalize employment opportunities and does not involve finding a job.

Benefits of
professional counselling:

The employees who will leave the company involved in such a program are more likely to find a job and receive support in the transition process;

The employer shows interest in those who leave the team and avoids work disputes, retaining their reputation as a trusted employer.

What is
professional counselling?

  • Simulating an interview for an optimal presentation at subsequent interviews;
  • Identifying training programs for retraining;
  • Increasing skills;
  • Optimizing the CV and Letter of Intent;
  • Identifying the strategies for finding a job
  • Extensive evaluation and counselling, to identify their strengths and areas for development.