HR Consulting


Our specialist team is able to find appropriate solutions in situations as follows:

  • Choosing the most appropriate contract in concordance with the activity of your collaborator/ employee;
  • Choosing the best strategy regarding work disputes;
  • Employees’ incompatibility with the company policies and the organization culture;
  • Internship or apprentice program in the company for high school grads or students;
  • Management of misbehaviour cases;
  • Closing civil service / civil agreements contracts and also work contracts simultaneous – benefits and risks;
  • Introduction of specific clauses in the work contract;
  • Modalities for arrangements of the workload and circumstances relating to overtime;
  • All the tax issues related to the salary costs and the workforce;
  • Ways to motivate employees – facilities and benefits granted to employees with deduction for the employer;
  • Document binding: job descriptions, Internal Regulation in accordance with the legislation.