Employee leasing

What Employee
leasing means?

Employee leasing – officially called temporary activity – it is a flexible and efficient solution in specific situations.

By Employee leasing, a human resources company provides to any another company, from another field of activity, qualified staff for a certain period. This type of personnel is not the employee of the company for which provides services, but the employee of the HR company.

When do you have to use
employee leasing?

  • For employee’s trial period or temporary replacement (maternity leaves, sick-leaves, annual leave, studies etc.);
  • For situations when it is extremely difficult to anticipate the production evolution or the future work volume;
  • At peak current activity;
  • If the company is just being set up or it has no legal entity;
  • In any situation there is a need for more employees than those included in the organizational structure scheme.

Advantage of
Employee leasing:

  • Quick access to pre-selected and qualified workforce;
  • Reducing costs for finding the right people;
  • Tax advisory and labour law services included;
  • Personnel registration and management, documentation and administrative procedures;
  • Calculation, payment of salaries and leaves, monthly statements to social security;
  • Permanent guarantee throughout the leasing contract validity (replacement at no additional cost of the person who does not comply);
  • The possibility to hire the person at the end of the leasing contract at no additional cost;
  • Predictable and transparent costs.